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Congenital Trigger Thumb

Dr. Gupta, one of the most skilled specialists in the field of upper extremity handles children with compassion and tact and with finesse in surgical techniques relieves them from congenital disorders, painlessly. According to him, “Congenital trigger thumb is a disorder that is present in infants at birth but becomes evident a little later and I have observed in my 25 years experience that almost 30% of children with trigger thumb are affected by it in both their hands.”

An MBBS and MS in Ortho from AIIMS, higher intensive study from Germany and USA, forte of treating patients at FORTIS, AIIMS, The Medanta- Medicity and Max Healthcare, Dr. Gupta is safe and easy bet for perhaps the best relative new modality technique in the field of upper extremity. “Congenital Trigger Thumb is easily deducible in infants as they find it difficult to extend their thumb in the early stages and then later on impossible. It is yet unascertainable how common trigger thumb is but it constitutes almost 2% of hand problems present in children”, asserts Dr. Gupta.

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“No hereditary cause triggers congenital trigger thumb, it is the inflamed tendon at the base of the thumb which fails to glide smoothly that causes it. Pain and swelling with the formation of a bump at the base of the thumb are its visible signs which passes through mild to severe stages affecting the flexion of the thumb”, Dr. Gupta puts forth emphatically.

“If you ask me about the treatment aspect, I would like to stress that even after conducting more than 18000 surgeries, I always wait for a period of around 49 months before moving in for surgical release. The reason being that trigger thumb usually gets resolved spontaneously in more than 50% of the cases and with extension exercises and splinting, the child can be relieved of it. It is only when after wait and watch the condition does not resolve, we go in for simple surgery and am assured that its recurrence is rare thereafter”, winds up Dr. Gupta.

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FAQ – Congenital Trigger Thumb

What does congenital trigger thumb means?

Congenital Trigger Thumb is a painful condition present in infants in which the thumb is bent towards the palm. Even though congenital means ‘at birth’ , trigger thumb is evident only after the child is 2 years or so.

What is its cause?
What are the symptoms of Trigger Thumb?
How is it diagnosed?
What are the progressive stages of trigger thumb?
How is it treated?
What is the long term result?


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