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Flexor Tendon Injuries

For Dr. Gupta after 25 year long experience, flexor tendon injuries are not very threatening even though they are considered to be serious injuries. He asserts, “Tendons that govern the bending movement of the fingers are called flexor tendons and a deep cut on the surface of the skin anywhere on the forearm, wrist palm side of the hand or at the fingers can potentially damage the tendons as they run very close under the skin.” Going ahead with a little more explanations he states, “Do you know that tendons are under tension and are more or less like rubber bands and when they break their ends get pulled apart? They have to be repaired as they cannot heal on their own. Thus I would coercively enforce seeking an experienced and skilled surgeon for the surgical intervention. There is seriously no alternative treatment for theses injuries besides surgery as the two torn ends of the tendons need to be brought together and stitched with special sutures.”

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After providing relief to more than 18000 patients by surgical techniques and at present designated as the head of hand and shoulder department at Max Healthcare Dr. Gupta’s humble demeanor is evident in his introspections, “Over the years, major cases that I have dealt with have been of flexor tendon injuries incurred during sports like rock climbing, wrestling, rugby or football or patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Patients with seeming simple cuts but intense harm on the inside have also approached me. For me besides clinical diagnosis the other prevalent symptoms to look out for are the area of the cut i.e. if it is on the palm side of the finger and the severity of pain, numbness and difficulty in bending the fingers.”
“Flexor tendon injuries are not as simple as they appear to be and patients should be well prepared that they may never recover some of the functions in their fingers. Therapy is an important prerequisite in these injuries aided by the mental strength of the patients themselves. The principle that works here is to get on with doing what you did before the injury but according to your surgeon’s advice even though the stiffness might hinder your activities”, states Dr. Gupta.

The patient should consult our medical team >>click here for appointment

With momentous graveness he sums up his introspections on flexor tendon injuries, “These thick like strings that help you to bend your fingers work on a precise mechanism more or less like a bicycle brake system and on sustaining even a minor cut, the system breaks and the functioning of the fingers get affected. You have to carefully seek medical attention as they are delicate and complex injuries which if not treated efficiently will permanently damage your fingers and you may be compelled to take assistance of your other hand.”

FAQ – Flexor Tendon Injuries

What are flexor tendon injuries?

When fingers, hand, wrist or forearm on the side of the palm are inflicted with a deep cut or injury such that they damage the flexor tendons and the bending of a finger or thumb becomes impossible then it is referred to as a Flexor Tendon injury.

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