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Radial Head Fractures

Having successfully treated many patients with radial head fractures in his 25 years of experience in the field of shoulder and upper extremity Dr. Vikas indicates that, “Radial head fracture is a traumatic injury. Sometimes a fall or shielding yourself from falling may become the reason for the radius bone in the forearm to break. The upper end of the radius bone along with the upper arm forms the outer part of the elbow. Therefore it becomes essential to treat Radial head fractures adequately else they might leave a permanent deformity in your elbow and some serious complications.”

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An expert at conducting over 18000 surgeries, Dr. Vikas indicates that radial head fractures are more commonly seen in women than men and occur mostly in adults i.e. ranging from 30 to 40 years of age. Talking about symptoms he stresses, “If you feel persistent pain in your forearm or in your elbow joint along with swelling and stiffness it is advisable to consult an orthopedic as it might be a fracture of the radial head. Trying to even rotate your arm or moving the palm up and down may cause intense pain.”

Being the first surgeons in India to treat complex radial head fracture by ceramic radial head replacement Dr. Gupta says, “There are various degrees of fracture depending on the displacement of the radial bone. It may either crack in small parts or get broken severely, damaging the tissues and ligaments near the elbow joint. We ascertain the quantum of the damage after thorough examination and then validate our findings by X- ray or in very rare cases by CT or MRI scan.”

The patient should immediately consult our medical team >>click here for appointment

Currently heading as Head, Shoulder and Hand Division, MAX Saket & Gurgaon, former Director of ‘The Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery’ at The Medanta Institute of Bone & Joint Disease, Gurgaon, Dr. Vikas emphasizes, “Relatively speaking treatment of radial head is simple and starts with psychotherapy sessions where movement in the patients elbow through simple exercises is tried to be retrieved. The orthopedic also continues with oral medication along with the exercises. Splinting and putting elbow in a sling is common procedure of treatment for appropriate weeks in a fracture that has resulted in only small cracks. Surgical repair is customary for multiple fractures in radial head and the tissue damage.”

“We sometimes replace the irreparable radial head with an artificial one so that movement of the elbow and functioning of adjoining parts can be regained. Elbow has a loss of movement even in a minor fracture but being treated by a skillful and efficient surgeon can restore elbow working even if it has been severely been traumatized.” Dr. Gupta says as having treated one of the largest series of head replacement in India.

FAQ – Radial Head Fractures

What does Radial Head mean?

There are two bones in our forearm; the ulna and the radius. The upper end of the radius bone is called the radial head which along with the upper arm bone (humerus) forms outer half of the elbow joint.

What is meant by Radial Head Fractures?
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