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Radial Nerve Injury

Dr. Vikas Gupta a renowned name in the field of Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, while talking on his treatment of Radial Nerve Injury emphasizes, “when injury to the radial nerve, nerve that runs on the underside of the arm, is damaged due to an injury and causes imparity in movement of wrist and hand, it is termed as Radial Nerve Injury.”

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As the first surgeon in India to perform and introduce various international, painless techniques Dr. Gupta feels, “out of the various causes that trigger off radial nerve palsy, common are a fracture to the humerus bone, constraint on the wrist due to any reason, awkward sleeping or resting position and blow or fall on the arm. Patients with kidney problems or diabetes should be precautious as they are more prone to radial nerve injury.”

Simply put by Dr. Vikas Gupta, the current head of hand and shoulder division, Max Healthcare, “Common signs that we look for in patients that seek our advice regarding nerve injury are intense pain, straightening the arm, bending or holding the hand.”
The patient should immediately consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

After conducting more than 18000 surgeries in the hand and upper extremity Dr. Vikas Gupta needs no introduction. He is a globally acclaimed name for successfully treating his patients and while discussing treatment techniques regarding Radial Nerve injury, he affirms, “After we are confirmed of the presence of the nerve injury with the help of physical examination and various diagnostic tests, we strive to treat the patient as effectively as possible either by non surgical techniques, TENS technique or surgical release.”

With Dr. Vikas Gupta being an eminent presence at various conferences and workshops to present lectures/ papers, some complex cases who have been treated by him believe he is one of the most efficient surgeons in this field in India today. He concludes, “Patients with Radial Nerve injury can resume normal functions with their hand and wrist after 6 to 8 months completely.”

FAQ – Radial Nerve Injury

What does Radial Nerve Injury mean?

When an injury damages the radial nerve to cause difficulty in moving the arm and wrist, it is relevantly referred to as Radial Nerve Injury.

What is Radial Nerve?
What is its function?
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How is it caused?
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How is Radial Nerve injury diagnosed?
How can Radial Nerve injury be prevented?
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How long is it before the patient can resume normal activities?


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