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Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Tear

With the most skilled and stable hands in the field of upper extremity to perform surgery Dr. Vikas emphasizes, “triangular fibrocatilage complex is a structure of cartilage that protects the carpal bones that lie near the small finger side of the wrist. A wear or tear to this TFCC due to any traumatic injury or a degenerative disease can be debilitating. Though it is fairly common and can affect any person, people above 50 are more susceptible to this condition.”

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Even after20 years of experience andintrinsic knowledge on each enervating problem related to upper extremity from Germany and USA, Dr. Gupta believes that each condition that he treats teaches him some new concept or helps him to develop new combination methodologies to treat complexities. Talking about TFCC Tears, he stresses, “A doctor should immediately be consulted when your wrist pain is a result of falling on an outstretched hand, you belong to an athletic or gymnastic field or you are suffering from either a fracture or rheumatoid arthritis. With certain diagnostic tests to confirm that it is indeed a TFCC Tear, the doctor shall chalk out a technique accordingly.”

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

Currently,Director ofThe Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery’ at The Medanta Institute of Bone & Joint Disease, Gurgaon, Dr. Gupta enforces, “It has to be understood that it is the TFCC that stabilizes the ulna and the radius bone in the joint and a tear to it may result in motion loss of the wrist. It can be treated by both conservative and surgical techniques depending on the severity and intensity of the cartilage tear.”

After having surgically repaired over 18000 limbs of upper extremity Dr. Gupta winds up his input on TFCC Tear by saying, “ TFCC Tear is becoming increasingly recognized problem that affects the functioning of the wrist thereby hindering routine daily activities. It is utmost essential to consult a specialized surgeon or doctor in the field to bring back the wrist to its initial position. Physical therapy is recommended from the beginning stage to after restoration stage in the TFCC Tears.”

FAQ – Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Tear

What does TFCC Tear means?

Structure of cartilage that is found on the wrist part which lies towards the small finger and protects / supports the small carpal bones in the wrist is known as Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC). They help keeping the forearm bones firm while it is rotated or when the hand grasps anything. A tear to TFCC is termed as TFCC tear. TFCC Tears can be caused either by traumatic injury or degenerative and chronic disorder.

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