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Ulnar Nerve Injuries

A renowned personality in the field of hand and upper extremity Dr. Vikas Gupta seems unperturbed while putting forth his observed train of thoughts regarding ulnar nerve injuries, “Ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves in the forearm region responsible for the sensations and mobility in the hand and fingers. It runs down from the shoulder to the little finger passing through the inside of the arm. It is essential to understand here that the nerve carries messages between the brain and the hand and if they sustain an injury and left untreated they might result in severe complications. There are many who do not realize the underlined importance of this nerve and its potential damage to the motion functionality in the hand.”

Years of perseverance and diligence are tools that aided the stupendous success of Dr. Gupta from a hand to shoulder surgeon to one of the best specialists in the field leaving his mark on patients and delivering passionate service at AIIMS, Medanta and at present Max Healthcare. Effusively explaining the importance of ulnar nerve Dr. Gupta says, “presence of ulnar nerve injuries are ascertained by the loss of feeling in the little finger and the ring finger and intense pain along with numbness in the arm and hand and are more conclusively diagnosed after x-ray and nerve conduction studies.”


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Having completed his MBBS and MS in orthopedics from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and his fellowship from Germany and USA Dr. Gupta has been intrinsically involved in various research projects in his 25 years long career of professional service and after having performed more than 18000 surgeries, he stresses on the requirement of deft impartation in the surgical release of ulnar nerve injuries, “The most common cause of ulnar nerve injuries are its compression and entrapment in the cubital tunnel and guyon’s canal besides other causes and it becomes essential that the pressure on the nerve gets released by surgical intervention. Ulnar nerve being delicately complex requires skill and expertise, for any careless move can result in severe complications.”

The patient should consult our medical team >>click here for appointment

Summing up his views on ulnar nerve injuries he nonchalantly nods his head, “the patient should strictly follow the instructions and recommendations regarding therapy and resuming activities given by the surgeon as they are important prerequisites that help the patient to gain back their motion. I would yet again stress on the fact that these injuries should not be taken lightly or they might result in paralyzing the joint.”

FAQ – Ulnar Nerve Injuries

What are ulnar nerve injuries?

When any trauma, pressure or illness sustained by the ulnar nerve, one of the three main nerves of the forearm, damages its functioning, they are referred to as ulnar nerve injuries.

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