Hand2shoulder Clinic was founded by Dr Vikas Gupta keeping in mind to provide one stop solution for ailments of hand and upper extremity. It is upper limb/ hand function which is one of the most significant evolutionary change that separates us from other species on planet. It is essential to understand that upper limb works as a single organ (unit) therefore any ailment involving any part of upper limb affects function of the whole limb as a unit, e.g. a finger tip injury can cause stiffness of shoulder and elbow thus compromising the functioning of the whole limb, if not treated diligently. Compilation of all relative information regarding the same has been put forth on our website to facilitate knowledge to both patients and medical professionals who would want to delve into it further.

Dr. Vikas Gupta is a renowned name in this field of medical profession and needs no introduction. He has various credentials to mark his honor and his extreme dedication to his profession has made him a known figure in hand and upper extremity surgery. He spent nearly 20 years at AIIMS, New Delhi. He is currently heading department as Head, Shoulder and Hand Division, MAX Saket & Gurgaon, former Director ‘The Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery’ at The Medanta Institute of Bone & Joint Disease, Gurgaon. Dr. Vikas Gupta has also acquired advanced medical training from USA and Germany to enhance his expertise and has successfully conducted more than 6,000 hand and upper extremity surgeries. (To know more about Dr vikas gupta click here)

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Treatment of shoulder fractures, arthritis and tumors as well as conditions like frozen shoulder. We perform shoulder arthroscopy, arthroplasty also fixation of complex fractures
We treat complex elbow fractures. Specialize in elbow replacement and arthroscopy. Our expertise also includes treatment of stiff elbow and elbows revision surgeries
We are pioneers in wrist surgeries e.g. First wrist replacement of country, first in country to use locking plates for fracture distal radius also part of designer team for one of the FDA approved variable angle locking plate.
Internal fixation of hand fractures is our forte. We are pioneers in joint replacement of hand we have a good series of treating tendon injuries and congenital hand differences.