Can live surgeries be replaced by recorded surgery?

Can live surgeries be replaced by recorded surgery?
August 10, 2015

Last couple of years we are having recorded surgeries or what some may call “relive” surgeries because of reasons below
Conditions for surgeons are less stressful as indications are ideal , he is familiar with instrumentation, assistants and theatre staff (once I performed live surgery outside country where language was additional problem)
In live surgeries generally indications are not ideal as ideal indication patient is not available on day of surgery or host tries to select difficult cases to test experts while aim of live surgery is to educate young and new surgeons
Many times the surgeon is under pressure from audience for questions, many times they ask him to or redo a step he may not be well versed or not required.
When we are expert surgeons we modify steps over period of time with experience but sometimes asked (by organiser or audience) to do in classical way or described by some other surgeon and sometimes you can refuse and sometimes the organiser is your friend and makes a HUMBLE request
We have also found that live surgery though very attractive for reasons unknown drains resources like audiovisual and transmitting equipments. Live surgeries are time consuming 2 hours live surgery can easily be covered in 20 minutes in relive surgery there is ample time for discussion and surgeon can freely answer questions. Suppose someone doesn’t understand Any step it can be rewind and explained again. Surgeon can explain steps with help of illustrations in relive surgery which is not possible in case of live surgery
In real life situation if plan A is not working we shift to plan B but in live surgery expert sticks to plan A or delays switching to plan B.
Once I had to perform a surgery in real awkward position/posture as my head was obstructing camera view.
Aim of any educational activities in surgical discipline is to encourage young surgeons towards a procedure but once they see a complication in live surgery by an expert they get discouraged and many would develop fear and inhibition for long time

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