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Treating Hand Fractures

Fractures of small bones of hand are one of commonest injury. Unfortunately it is still not taken seriously by doctors or patients themselves this notion is may be because of the size of bone or they are not life threatening but 20 degrees of angulation/rotation would cause more disability to a person than any of […]

proximal phalanx fracture

Err 21 year old male had motorcycle accident resulting in injury to right index finger. Patient attended emergency with pain, deformity and bleeding wound. Patient was unable to move right index finger. Radiographs showed fracture proximal phalanx right hand. In emergency patient was given first aid and POP slab. Next day patient came to our […]

Aiimsonian’s alumni dinner 1st oct

Like every year this year also we had Aiimsonian Alumni dinner in evening of 1st October 2019 at swimming pool lawns in AIIMS campus. i met lot of old friends made few new ones. Whole evening was full of nostalgia. We went more than 30years down the memory lane. Karaoke started from beginning courtesy Dr […]

Rupture of distal end of biceps tendon

20 year old young male had pain and weakness in right elbow while working out in Gymnasium. Patient heard a snapping sound from elbow which considered as sprain of elbow. pain continued for few weeks but there was weakness in rotation of forearm subsequently he reported to nearby doctor who advised MRI after which patient was […]

Annual conference of Indian Arthroscopic Society

This year Annual Conference of Indian Arthroscopy Society was held at Indore on 27-28th September 2019. we had a very interactive session on wrist arthroscopy where I was invited to present two lectures. first lectures were on arthroscopic TFCC repair. where we discussed indications and different techniques of arthroscopic TFCC repair.       Video […]