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Faraz / 23/02/2020
I had a TFCC tear in 2017 which Dr.Gupta operated and I broke my shoulder (fracture in greater tuberosity ) in april 2019 and it was operated by Dr.Gupta. He assured me that 3 months after the surgery I could resume working out with light exercises and gradually move to heavier weights 6 months after the shoulder surgery I was doing heavy lifting. Its been 10 months heavy lifting. Its been 10 months since my shoulder surgery was performed. Now I m able to bench press 100 kgs and do shoulder presses with 44 kgs which slightly heavier than what I was lifting before my surgery Dr. Gupta gave me the confidence to continue weight lifting when others cautioned me not to rush into it. I will forever be
grateful to him.


Nirmal Kaur / 23/02/2020
To Dr.Vikas Gupta

Thank you very much sir. I got my wrist broken due to an accident with my car. I came to know about specialization of Dr.Vikas Gupta from internet. So,I decided to have an appointment with the doctor from the appointment to surgery and then followups,everything was very good. I am working as a gynaecologist from last 20 years. I then Dr.Vikas Gupta from deepest part of my heart for sining my wrist back to working.

Nirmal Kaur

R. Sharma / 09/02/2020
We were to satisfied with doctor vikas gupta. My daughter’s wrist movement has improved day by day and we don’t feel that any problem in movement after surgery.

R. Sharma

Aneesh Kapur / 23/02/2020
I got injured in my radial nerve while playing as far as I remember.I visited many doctors but they could to proud a solution to my surgery. Than I contact Dr.VIkas Gupta, he operated me for tendon transfer which had good results. My hand which careless had difficulties in finger movement, is cured completely. I also has physio sessions here which were good.

Aneesh Kapur

Shailesh Kulkarni / 09/02/2020
Elbow arthrolysis & ulnar nerve anterior transposition 

By Dr.Vikas Gupta

Since almost 18 months I had been suffering from stiff elbow because of long term immobization of elbow as a result of both bone forearm fracture . I was also having pain in elbow & tingling sensation in little finger of my left hand.

I visited many orthopaedic hand surgeons in pune & Mumbai but none was able to diagnose an give proper advice to alleviate the pain & stiffness. It was only after I came to delhi and consulted Dr.Gupta  that I was assured by him that after surgery elbow motion shall increase and tingling in hand will be relieved.

I went ahead with the treatment suggested by him and then after 2 months of physiotherapy  I am already feeling good. The stiffness in elbow has reduced significantly . The whole team at Dr. Gupta ‘s hand2shoulderclinic is very helpful and supported  us throughout the course of treatment.

Shailesh S. Kulkarni

Rekha Bajaj / 09/02/2020
I am a patient of rheumatoid arthiritis . I came to Dr.Vikas Gupta ,since my fingers had deformities I had difficulties performing daty to long activities. The doctor fused the aching joints. I am now  much relived. Now , I can do my work to a great extent .Even write. I am so thankful to Dr. Vikas From the core of my least has been very motivating and kind. I am happy with the results.
Arindam Mukherjee / 09/02/2020

I had consulted Dr Vikas Gupta in August 2019 to get a continuing pain on my left wrist checked up. I had consulted two other doctors before that but did not get any relief despite going to medication and prolonged physiotherapy.
Dr. Vikas Gupta diagnosed the problem as a TFCC tear on my left hand and recommended a surgical procedure for its repair. He wanted a second opinion on the MRI report to confirm his observations.
A second opinion on the MRI report was taken from Dr Amit Sahu at the Max Smart Hospital Saket which confirmed Dr Gupta’s observations. A surgical procedure was confirmed and decided upon.
We decided to go for the surgery after the Dusshera festival and the surgery was conducted by Dr Vikas Gupta on October 23, 2019 at the Max Smart Hospital, Saket, New Delhi.
After one day’s hospitalisation, I was discharged from the hospital and called for a review check up after two weeks. After three weeks the plaster and stitches were removed and a physiotherapy routine was prescribed by Dr Gupta.
After about a month’s physiotherapy, I noticed considerable normalcy in the wrist movement and strength. The routine continues now though all medication has been stopped. There is considerable improvement in the hand’s movement strength and flexibility.
Dr Gupta is one of the finest wrist surgeons in the country by a long stretch. He takes proper pre and post operative care of the patients because of which we have got 100 per cent results.
Incidentally, about 7-8 years ago I had a similar TFCC tear in my right wrist. Even then we had consulted Dr Vikas Gupta and he had operated upon my wrist and repaired it. My right hand is almost in perfect condition now and I have full movement and strength in the hand now though excercise and careful routine continues.

Sunny Ambavat / 09.02.20
I had an scaphoid non union fracture 2 years back in right hand . and Hd severe pain in my wrist joint and had very limited movement. I went to 3 doctors but had no proper diagnosis. Then my teacher Dr.Sumit kumar in college suggested me doctor Viaks Gupta .I went to him  and he offer me proper diagnosis of my condidtion. Now its been almost 10 months my scaphoid and wrist moment has improved .

The pain is also reduced.

I am thankful to Dr.Viaks Gupta and his team for my operation and case they provided.


Aksh Sharma / 09.02.2020
This is to say that I am really satisfied with the medical treatment given to my mother by Dr.Vikas Gupta. After the surgery carpal tunnel syndrome ) sunita sharma condition has gotten better. And she is enjoying the phase after the surgery.
Aneesh Kapoor / 09.02.2020
I got injured in my radial nerve while playing as far as I remember.I visited many doctors but they could to proud a solution to my surgery. Than I contact Dr.VIkas Gupta, he operated me for tendon transfer which had good results. My hand which careless had difficulties in finger movement, is cured completely. I also has physio sessions here which were good.
Lakshya Sethi / 09.02.2020
I had an old injury in my right wrist where in initiaaly the fracture went undetected by my physician. After almost a year, The pain resurfaced and I visited Dr.Viaks on someone’s recommendation. Doctor suggested us asurgery which we were hesistant about due to the injury being an year old.The surgery went smoothly and after two weeks of pain,my ahnd and my right  wrist gradually recovered I had a speed,recovery and after 5 months of my surgery. Because of Dr. Viaks ,my fracture was corrected and now I have a painless hand.


Lakshay Sethi

Right Wrist Surgery (scaphoid)

Sunita Bisht / 09.02.2020
Mein sunita bisht ek patient hu mujhe hath mein dikkat thi mein doctor vikas gupta ke pas aayi October ke mahine mein tab se ab tak mein unse apna ilaj kara rahi hu tab se mujhe kafi pada unhone kafi acha ilaj kra mera.
Gurpal Singh / 09.02.2020
I had fracture in my right wrist in Canada I came to india and search for wrist surgeon. On google ,I found Dr.Vikas Gupta there and came to him. He done my wrist surgery on 5/10/2019 at max he did a good job. I am very thankfull to  him ,he is agreat personality and a good person who under stand your feeling and help you with his profession .His staff is very helpful to thanks Zuby and Satish for helping me and thanks to Dr.Sheetal for helping me in physiotherapy.

I am very thankful to Dr.Gupta and his all staff.

Sunita Sharma / 09.02.2020
This is to say that I am really satisfied with the medical treatment given to my mother by Dr.Vikas Gupta . After the surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome)  sunita sharma condition has gotten better. And she is enjoying after the surgery

Sunita sharma

Agnesh Kumar / 09.02.2020
Dr.Vikas Gupta are very nice doctor,very good nature,and helpful,My experienced are very excellent and good knowlwdge before few months was wrist injury but Dr.Vikas has done and fulfill injury are okk.Operation is successful and Thanks To Dr.Vikas Gupta
Asharfi Ray / 09.02.2020
Mein asharfi ray hu mein Dr. Vikas Gupta mere liye ishwar ke barabar hein unhone mere right hand ka elbow ka operation kiya tha bihar ke doctor ne bohot hi galat ray di thi sabhi ne galat disha nirdesh ki thi lekin mein jese hi delhi pohocha waha par Dr.Vikas Gupta se me mila unhone mere hath ka operation kiya koi metal ka use nhi kiya tha or unhone mere tute hue haddi ko jod kr mera safal operation kiya tha jinka mein bohot aabahari hu mere liye bhagvan se kam nhi saabit hue.

Thanks Dr.Vikas Gupta

Asharfi Ray

Alok Bhargav / 09.02.2020
I had suffered wrist injury due to an accident fall and had been advised surgery for treatment being a individual and in my mid 30’s the prosped of surgery and a long day off scared me then I was referred to Dr.vikas Gupta  at max smart by arelative who had also undergo a hand surgery by Dr.Gupta.

Dr.Gupta explained me the whole procedure and informed tht my hospital stay would be 2 days with maximum rwest time for 2 weeks. I was admitted on 17th aug 2019 and operated on the same days. I thas been 3 months since the operation and apart from the surgery day I had no pain my hand wrist. For the past 3 months I have been met hadically taken plan by Dr.Gupta and his team by which not only I am pain free but also my normal routine life is back on track. The remarkable thing is that Dr.Gupta gave me 3 months for full recovery and same has happened I want to thank Dr.Gupta  and his team for their treatment and care and for being true to their words.

Asha Bhargava / 09.02.2020
Dr.Vikas Gupta

I had got injured one year back on my  hand and despite visiting many doctors, there are no respite. Than I was referred by Dr. Mahajan to Dr.Vikas Gupta and I first paid visit on 30/4/2019.

Dr.Gupta is very good and keeping in view my age and physical cpndition properly explained the way forward and suggested that surgery will be the least option.

His behavior and confidence helped me a lot and past surgery I have seen visible improvements in my hand functions. Moreover his knowledge, experience and counselling have made the whole healing process very easy.

I am very grateful to him and wish him further success in life.


Asha Bhargava

S.D. PANDEY / 19.11.19
Thanks…………………………………HAND2SHOULDER CLINIC

I had fallen in the bathroom and my bone was broken at the joint of wrist and hand. I was operated by Dr.Vikas Gupta on 1.3.2018. Bones were fixed with the help of a plate only after a few followup visits. I Was completely well and started doing all my activities including driving, subsequently, after a few months, I started to exercise, swimming, yoga, etc. Presently I am perfectly well thanks to Dr.gupta for his care.

My family will always remember Dr.gupta and his support along with his team.(Mr.sutish)


BISHVAMBHAR / 19.11.19
Mera june 2019 ko bike se accident ho gya tha mere left hand mein fracture ho gya tha fir mein doctor vikas ke pas aya unhone surgery btai mne sir se surgery krwai or ab me bohot aram mehsoos kr rha hu or mein sabkuch ab apne is hath se kar skata hu.

Dr.vikas Gupta

SARVANI / 19.11.19
I visited 2 months back. Dr.Vikas Gupta has suggested to me the surgery now I am able to hold things properly and have a precise movement of the finger as before. His friendly and generous treatment helped me to cope up soon from
the surgery.

Thanks, Dr.Gupta

MANOJ GUPTA / 19.11.19
Myself Manoj Gupta, I am residing in Gurgaon itself on Aug 18 I fell down from my bike and my left wrist radius had been broken .i had to attend a local surgeon in an emergency that time and visited a nearby surgeon with the place and I had taken his treatment for 10 days but I couldn’t see any reli3ef /heal in that 10 days.

After that, someone had suggested me to visit the max hospital and asked to consult with Dr.Vikas Gupta. I met and consulted with Dr.Gupta and he had suggested for a surgery.i would say he is polite by nature and has very in-depth knowledge in his medical profession. After surgery, I had regular follow
Ups with Dr.Vikas Gupta and I would say that I am now fit and my wrist is working properly in just 3 months only. Now I can ride a bike, can do exercises in the gym and all works very fine.

Thanks to Dr.Vikas Gupta and his team.

NITIN KUMAR / 03.11.19
Mera naam nitin kumar h or m ali garh s belong kart hu or mera 26 th mar 2018 ko accident ho gya tha fir mene google par search kra mene dekha ki sir shoulder or wrist k operation karte h to mene appointment li or mene doctor vikas ko dikhaya sir ne mjhe surgery k liye bola fir hm logo n decision lekr Dr.vikas s surgery krwali uske 15 din k baad stiches cut ho gy uske baad sir n physiotherapy btayi uske baad ab m 1 year 10 months baad aya hu ab m proper pehle ki trha kaam kr skta hu ab mjhe koi problem nhi h
Hi, Mera naam mayank vashishth h or mere thumb m injury ho gyi thi to m uske regarding doctor vikas Gupta se mila January m to mujhe pta chla ki mera ulna collateral ligament injured h or sath sath ek chota sa bone k ek chip bhi damaged h so usi ke regarding sir ne surgery suggest ki to us waqt na mpinch kr pata than a me grip kr pata tha kafi problem thi kafi pain bhi tha than sir ne surgery ki uske baad 1 and ½ month me meri grip thik ho gyi meri pinching strength a gyi than mene sir ke guidance me physio kraya and ab mera hath ab bilkul thik h ab pinching bhi sahi h gripping bhi sahi h to its better now
DAKSHA YADAV / 03.11.19
Mera ladka daksh 4 yrs ka tha tab iske hath ka operation hua tha tab iske right hand ka( 21/11/2018 ) operation hua tha operation ke baad ab iski hath ki condition me zyda recovery hui hai.ab ye pehle se zyda thik hai.
Both wrists got fractured due to an accident on 22/2/18 got them operated in Max Hospital, Saket by Dr. Vikas Gupta on 26/2/18. The operation was successful, got titanium plates fixed in both wrists.
Dr.Vikas Gupta is a great doctor he is a savior for me. In 2014, I had a serious injury in my left forearm as I fell from a height it was an open fracture both radius and ulna bone, wherein both the bones broken with an open wound and fragment of bone loss. Some doctors operated me, which was a blundered surgery. Later while net surfing for the best orthopedic surgeons I came across his name and I consulted him for my problem of bone non-union. He did my bone grafting surgery and I just kept faith in his work and how my hand is perfect. I am glad that because of god’s grace I could find such a doctor who made me feel that I am in safe hands I and my family are thankful to him for what he has done for me is the explanation. Dr.Vikas Gupta and the team including his co-doctors, physiotherapists, and assistants are very helpful and supporting.
AMIR / 15.10.19
I am in great debt to Dr. Vikas Gupta for his treatment which made me fully alright I suffered a humorous fracture and the bone was into two pieces. It was only became of doctor that I recovered fully from such horrible accident by normal activities and 6 months I was back to gym.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr.vikas Gupta and the team.

KAMAL RAO / 23.10.19
I had hand surgery last year. My hand was completely numb after the surgery done by Dr.Vikas Gupta now I am perfectly alright. I am grateful to Dr.Vikas for his help and now I can do all of my work myself.
NEELAM AGGARWAL (Faridabad) / 23.10.19
I had met with an accident on 24th Dec 2018 and suffered a fracture in the left-hand wrist and right shoulder. I was referred to Dr.Vikas Gupta by my family orthopaedecian, and there I met Dr.Gupta.The surgery was successfully performed on 26th December and implants were fixed in my wrist and shoulder. During the entire course of my treatment, Dr.Gupta gave me confidence.
SOUMEN SARDAR / 23.10.19
I had multiple fractures in the left elbow due to an accident and underwent 1st surgery in dec18 though the fractures got healed ,I encountered severe movement restriction in bothy flexion and extension with a R.O.M 30 -850 degree, evenafter intense physiotherapy .i was looking for a doctor specialized in elbow fractures and came across Dr.vikas Gupta.

He assumed of some concrete procedures to be followed for gaining back the movement and after initial 2 months of suspension, I went arthrolyusis and partial implant removal surgery under him on July 19 subsequently after undergoing physiotherapy for another 2 months, gradually my active R.O.M.improved to 50-110 degree (passive range till 125 degrees). He has also given detailed guidelines to get back the remaining range and I am quite confident about the same.

I am extremely grateful to Dr.Gupta and his entire group of support staff for making me functional again and giving a new lease of life.

KAVITA JAIN / 07.07.16
I Kavita Jain, have been suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome from last 7 years but after, I realize that operating this problem was the right decision feel perfectly now and I suggest other people to stop bearing this pain and instead go for the operation, Dr. Vikas Gupta best surgeon for this problem in India.
Director Manager
Surgery was done in both of my hands to get recovery from the CTS which had caused get recovery from the CTS which had caused muscle loss in my right hand & pain in my left hand & pain in my left hand. After the surgery in my left hand in September 2018, I am completely fine with his hand. No more pain, members or trusting.
And the surgery in my right hand was done in February 2018 I am suffering the muscle that had been lost. Hope to recover it complete. I thank a lot for his treatment & guidance.
SHABANA ROZE / 04.04.19
I had elbow joint fracture surgery was done by Dr.Vikas Gupta this was the time when other doctors were not guaranting full movement and full arm strengthening. He give me hope by saying this can be recovered up to 95% terms of movement if I do proper exercise every day I have followed strict physiotherapy and 3 months have passed now. My hand has already achieved up to 70% movement. There is no pain; I am able to do all my daily achievements. I am very gratefully to Dr. Gupta for giving me hope and positively.
SAPNA DAS / 07.02.15
I had a severe problem of pain in my wrist, it was in the stage that I could not even work on my laptop nor even take case4 of my kid( 3 years old). But after I had a consultation with Dr.Vikas Gupta in Med anta hospital and undergone surgery of carpal impingement of my right hand wrist now I am fit and able to attend all my work ( routine) and my family are happy by the case and guidance and supervision provided by him. All the best for good work. Thanks a lot for the support.
Sir you are a very good doctor, wherever I went for further consultation they suggested and apprised you. Your hands and words both work well. Now my finger will move freely I will surely write a poem for you. Thank you Dr. Vikas Gupta.
Once a day, I was playing cricket with my friends, unfortunately I injured by ball and my right hand index finger broke. I visited several doctors in Chandigarh, but they give refusal for my case as they told their injury for 3 months and it will be as it is. I could not bend my finger. I was disappointed I come Delhi, here also I consult many doctors, but some could not understand the case and some did not give that confidence and surely that I would be fine. Than someone referred me to Dr. Vikas Gupta, the day I met him he give me that assurance and confidence and did the surgery. Now I can easily move and bend my finger. I thanks to Dr.vikas Gupta for giving light in my life.
Dr.Vikas Gupta is an outstanding orthopedics Doctor and an excellent person. Highly recommend him in heartbeat to anyone looking for orthopedics treatment. Compassion is an art, which very few doctors practice. He is the most compassionate, courteous, understanding, dedicated doctor I have come across. I was having numbness and burning sensation in the upper left foot. Spine and neurologist doctors were not able to find the reason for that. After that, I came to doctor vikas Gupta. For my treatment. Dr. Gupta wrote me one test and after which he was able to identify the problem, which was Tarsal tunnel syndrome. The way he made me understand the reason of my problem was very good. Surgery was done by Dr. vikas Gupta (Tarsal tunnel release and neurolysis of tibial nerve.) Dr. vikas Gupta during all my treatment and I recovered very fast from surgery. I wish him all the success in his future endeavors. Coming here is likely dealing with trusted family. The staff was also very helpful.
MANISHA JYOTI / 21.11.15
I am Manisha Jyoti after 1 & ½ year ago I am facing keinbock disease problem than I came to medanta on march 2015 and operated by Dr.Vikas Gupta .He is very good doctor now till date I am fully satisfied with Dr. Vikas Gupta.
I come medanta hospital to Dr. Vikas Gupta with big problem in our left side. Implant removal & debridement with antibiotic bed placement left humerus was done on 7/2/15 After this surgery I am coming every month. Today I am very happy because I will relief my problem through Dr.Vikas Gupta.
This is in regard with an elbow surgery ( arthroscopy) of my son namely Mohammad Ibrahim (14 years ago) Patient UHID MM00727058 successfully conducted by respected Dr.Vikas Gupta along with his team at Medanta Hospital ,Gurgaon. I along with my entire family owe our heartfelt gratitude for his timely advice and treatment thereon. Once again thanks a lots for saving the precious school classes of my son. Wishing you many success ahead.
I Farida Farooq, Registration No. SKCT. 219438 was operated under Dr.Vikas Gupta (Director of hand and Shoulder Division). Dr.Vikas Gupta was very good listener, he attended me very well. Dr. Gupta is very experienced doctor, he treated me very politely and allowed me to discuss every issues related to my hand surgery. Dr. Gupta and his team was very attentive during the period of surgery. I am grateful to Dr. Gupta and his team for rendering effective treatment of my hand.
I, Gaurav Lakhira from Rohtak(Haryana) had undergone the wrist surgery from Dr. Vikas Gupta at Medanta on 11/4/2015. I was suffering from severe wrist pain before the operation as my ligament has broken. But after the operation , I ‘m satisfied and now am able to do work properly.
DR. HARISH SAINI / 12.10.18
I was puzzles after having elbow (terrible triad) in month of october 2018, but I came to know from my friends working in AIIMS Delhi to go to Dr. Vikas ,who is specialist in hand to shoulder surgery. Later I meet to Dr. Vikas Gupta, after which I was very confident ,it is giving to good ahead. I was operated for elbow in October 2018 under Dr. Vikas Gupta which was successful, later on I was in follow up with him day by day I feel its very good improvement in joint. Its very great to see. Very special thanks to Dr. Vikas Gupta, I wish he continued to his job like this BEST OF LUCK
I am suffering from past 6 years shoulder dislocation problem, than I consult Dr. vikas Gupta than he advised me surgery than I done my surgery on 23/9/2017 right now I am able to do all the activities.
AMAR KUMAR / 16.08.14
Had a problem on left shoulder with shoulder dislocation consulted in medanta hospital with Dr.Vikas Gupta after proper diagnose ,he suggested a bankart on my left shoulder on, 16/8/2014 is surgery completed successfully now today is 2/4/2015, since my surgery took place my left shoulder is now working perfectly and I have also regained my original strength. I am really Thankful to Dr.Vikas Gupta for treating me and giving a proper case. Thank you very much Dr.Vikas. Keep up the Good work.
I am 54 year old businessman had fracture shoulder after accident. I had shown to doctor who had diagnosed “fracture dislocation proximal humerus” and told me that even after surgery my shoulder would be stiff and sometimes remain painful. I was really depressed to hear about my condition following surgery. After examining me and looking at my X rays and CT Scan Dr Gupta said that he would fix this fracture and try his best but NO guarantee that I would have full movements. After the surgery he took personal interest in my physiotherapy there were times I was very unhappy about these exercises but seeing his enthusiasm motivated me to continue with the exercises. After 6 months I had no pain and almost full movements. I thank Dr Vikas Gupta for everything he did for me and wish him success in his future endeavors.
I came to Dr Vikas Gupta with a loss of sensation and numbness in my right hand ( in month of April 2006). He advised me to undergo an endoscopic operation of the carpal tunnel syndrome. I underwent surgery at AIIMS on 2nd may 2006 by Dr Vikas Gupta.
I was feeling perfectly alright within a few days of the surgery. In around 4 weeks time I was able to perform my normal activities (in merchant Navy).
I am really thankful to him
SUMIT / 20.01.07
It took a very long time for me to get around to writing this but I as they say better late than never:
“I had fractured my scaphoid bone in England and I had been consulting Doctors in England for 4 months during which time my hand was in a cast. I came to consult Dr. Vikas Gupta at AIIMS after a few other Doctors in Delhi had diagnosed that the fracture hadn’t healed and part of the bone had started to die. Dr. Vikas suggested a vascular bone graft surgery, which I had read previously would provide the best chances for a successful union of the fracture and a full recovery. Dr. Gupta took personal interest in the post surgery followups and physiotherapy and I was able to fully use my wrist within a month of cast being removed from my hand. I am really glad to have consulted and met Dr. Gupta. The care and attention he gave to me and my case in the very busy environment of AIIMS was exemplary. I wish him all the success in his future endeavours and hope he can help many more with the personal care and attention he gives to all his patients.
I was feeling perfectly alright within a few days of the surgery. In around 4 weeks time I was able to perform my normal activities (in merchant Navy).
I am really thankful to him
I am very grateful to Dr Gupta who was the first to be able to diagnose my problem, and relieve me from the agony I was in.
Two months after the surgery, I am almost normal and after months, I am back to work. Looking back, these 15 months have been the most difficult. It was for the first time I was so dependent on my family for everything. As I continue taking two tablets daily, as part of my TB treatment, I already feel fitter and better.
Fortunate to find Dr. Vikas Gupta at the right time.
A very qualified and learned doctor and I felt in safe hands after I met him. Scaphoid of my wrist was broken and there are only few doctors who could cure it. After the operation and physiotherapy, I am almost back to full flow.
M.S., Mch (AIIMS)
I am practicising as a neurosurgeon in south Delhi for last 18 years. I sustained a fracture scaphoid right wrist.
I got scared as far as my knowledge of scaphoid fracture was that it is notorious for nonunion (not uniting) and avascular necrosis (bone becoming dead). These thought are like nightmare for neurosurgeon. It was then a came to know about Dr Vikas Gupta who was fixing these fractures percutaneously (without opening fracture) with screws. When I approached him he was confident that he would be able to fix my scaphoid with this minimally invasive technique and scheduled the surgery next day. Later I came to know that he was first person to fix scaphoid percutaneously in India. . I was able to start operating within 3 weeks of surgery. Presently I don’t have any complaints in my right wrist. I wish Dr Vikas Gupta all the best for all his future endeavors.