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Proximal Humeral Fractures

“Almost 5% of the fractures are contributed by proximal humeral fractures as osteoporosis, falls on shoulder or collision in traumatic car accidents are not uncommon”, expresses Dr. Gupta. “Being in this field for more than 20 years with having graduated as MBBS and MS in Orthopedics from All India Institute of Medical Sciences I still feel awe with each case and learn that each debilitating condition holds something unique in its approach.” says Dr. Gupta.

“Proximal Humeral Fractures are broken bones on the upper end of the humerus bone that is connected to the shoulder joint via the arm. Immediate and intense swelling with extreme pain on the shoulder is enough to alert the patient that the bone might have been fractured and/or displaced.”

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“Though I have been to Germany and USA for further studies and prognosis in the field of upper extremity and brought back varying international techniques I believe that lack of adequate knowledge in the patients is reason enough to trigger off anxiety and make matters worse”, quotes Dr. Vikas.

“As regards proximal humeral fractures it is essential to understand that they are treated like any other body fractures with initially conservative techniques and a sling to align the bone that has broken but not displaced. In severe cases of displaced fractures, reduction and replacement methodology is adopted with implantation or grafting technique,” refers Dr. Gupta.

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

“We undertake the patient’s age, bone displacement, type of injury or trauma sustained and only after a complete evaluation and imaging tests reach to the kind of treatment technique to be adopted. With gentle therapy exercises the rehabilitation of the patient is taken care of, that provides back the lost strength and mobility in the shoulder.”

At present, an integral part of  Max Healthcare Dr. Gupta finally asserts that, “Patients should stress on the skill and proficiency of the surgeon else they might have to suffer a lifetime with an impaired shoulder.”  

FAQ – Proximal Humeral Fractures

What are Proximal Humeral Fractures?

Humerus is the longer bone in the arm with two ends. The distal end of the humerus makes it a part of the elbow joint whereas the proximal end makes it a part of shoulder joint. When due to any traumatic injury the humerus bone at the end of the shoulder joint gets broken it is termed as Proximal Humeral Fracture.

How are they caused?
What are the signs that signify proximal humeral fractures?
How are they diagnosed?
In how many ways can the bone be broken?
Can these fractures be prevented?
How are they treated?
How is life after treatment of these fractures?


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