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proximal phalanx fracture

Err 21 year old male had motorcycle accident resulting in injury to right index finger. Patient attended emergency with pain, deformity and bleeding wound. Patient was unable to move right index finger. Radiographs showed fracture proximal phalanx right hand. In emergency patient was given first aid and POP slab.

preoperative radiograph

Next day patient came to our Outpatient department. As there was wound with suspected extensor tendon injury with proximal phalanx fracture. Patient was taken for exploration and further management.
During surgery extensor tendon was found to be partially injured wound was relatively non-contaminated hence fracture was fixed with locking plate.

post operative radiograph

Goal of treatment was to mobilize patient early which could be achieved stable fixation of fracture and secure repair of tendon.

threads in screws head locks with plate thus making strong construct

On first visit patient finger was mobilized and protective removable thermoplastic splint was given for intermittent use. Patient did active finger mobilization with grip strengthening exercises. On final follow up patient had good grip strength and movements.

patient using hand 5th post op day


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