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Story of a boy who traveled to sought treatment for duplicated thumb against family belief.

This is story of a teenaged boy Nipun (name changed) from North Eastern part of India.

Nipun was born with thumb which developed differently . This formation of thumb is called Duplicated thumb. In this condition bifurcated into two terminally. Each of these bifurcations were smaller than original thumb and deviated from axis of normal thumb. Nipun found this formation troublesome not only because of looks but also things/objects would get stuck in cleft and functionally he was getting hindrances in day to day life.

Some of his relatives believed that this brings good luck because of which family members especially grandparents were against getting thumb corrected. Once Nipun became teen aged boy, he convinced his mother to seek treatment. After lot of persuasion she took him to various doctors to seek treatment but some suggested removal of one of the thumb others did not offer any solution.

Nipun found out about hand2shoulder clinic in New Delhi following which he convinced his mother to visit New Delhi.

At hand2shoulder clinic, Nipun consulted Dr Vikas Gupta who after clinical evaluation discussed treatment options with him.

Finally it was decided reconstruct two parts of thumb into one. this procedure is known as  “BilhautCloquet” procedure. in this procedure central resection of the duplication followed by fusion of the remaining lateral portions, in order to obtain a thumb of satisfactory volume and stability as both lateral ligaments are preserved.

Stitches were removed after two weeks and wires after 4 weeks. Nipun was taught exercises which he performed with lot of enthusiasm

Presently can use his thumb almost normally just because he was able to persuade his family to seek treatment.

This is how persistent efforts from child and his ability to convince  mother, who in turn had courage to travel to fulfill her child’s wish resulting in change of Nipun’s life.

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  • somi anoop Posted 22.11.2019 in 05:49.

    Great surgery sir.Even my son had Poland syndrome and the first surgery was done by Dr Vikas Gupta in 2011.He had complete syndectly of right hand.Now all the fingers are separated by two more surgeries..