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Synovial Biopsy / Synovectomy

A little dicey about which term to introduce first, Dr. Gupta starts with Synovial Biopsy stating, “Synovial Biopsy is a process of taking out a part of synovial membrane for medical examination to determine whether it is losing its functionality for any mild reason or the problem runs much deeper i.e. related to cancer.”

Dr. Gupta is deft in all techniques that he puts to application to treat patients with debilitating conditions of upper extremity. At present designated as Head of Shoulder and Hand Division at Max Healthcare, he further emphasizes Synovectomy, “ It is the process which is performed to remove part of or the entire synovial membrane which might be affected by any chronic arthritis, synovial tumors or stiffness in the joints. It provides relief to the patient and enables the joint to function accordingly.”

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Having an experience of more than 25 years and more than thousands of surgeries and designated at various important posts at AIIMS, Fortis, The Medanta,  Dr. Gupta is one of the best hands in the field and his skill makes the techniques appear simple and painless.

“Synovial Biopsy is essential to determine the cause and Synovectomy is the procedure to remove the membrane. Both can be undertaken by arthroscopy which is relatively the best choice for us surgeons. In severe cases only do we refer to synovectomy by open surgery.”

“ I would sincerely advise patients to go in for synovectomy from being further saved from joint replacement surgery. Both synovial biopsy and synovectomy are performed under the effect of local anesthesia and the patient feels just a pricking sensation. If the surgeon exhibits expertise, then the patient will not only be provided relief but also a safe bet that would save his other joints from being impaired.

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FAQ – Synovial Biopsy / Synovectomy

What is Synovial Biopsy?

When a part of the synovial membrane is taken out for medical examination it is known as Synovial Biopsy.

When is Synovial Biopsy undertaken?
How is it conducted?
What does results of Synovial Biopsy signify?
What is Synovectomy?
What is synovial membrane?
When is Synovectomy undertaken?
How is it performed?
What risks are involved with this procedure?
What is its outcome?
Can the patient sustain without Synovectomy?


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