Fracture dislocation proximal humerus

Fracture dislocation proximal humerus
July 2, 2015

ramesh-272x182“I am 54 year old businessman had fracture shoulder after accident. I had shown to doctor who had diagnosed “fracture dislocation proximal humerus” and told me that even after surgery my shoulder would be stiff and sometimes remain painful. I was really depressed to hear about my condition following surgery. After examining me and looking at my X rays and CT Scan Dr Gupta said that he would fix this fracture and try his best but NO guarantee that I would have full movements. After the surgery he took personal interest in my physiotherapy there were times I was very unhappy about these exercises but seeing his enthusiasm motivated me to continue with the exercises. After 6 months I had no pain and almost full movements. I thank Dr Vikas Gupta for everything he did for me and wish him success in his future endeavors.”
Rameshchand Singhal
Case Study

Date: 20.01.07

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