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Radial Tunnel Syndrome

Radial tunnel syndrome is a set of certain symptoms that you will experience at your elbow, forearm, hand or wrist but excessively at the elbow. These symptoms of pain and weakness arise because of the compression of the radial nerve while passing through a tunnel at the elbow. Do you know that this nerve is very important and one of the three main nerves that provide motor and sensory functions to the hand. Radial tunnel syndrome though in comparison is uncommon yet damage in this nerve has the potential to hinder functional activities of the arm and hand”, gushes Dr. Vikas Gupta when speaking about Radial Tunnel Syndrome.

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Considering his experience in the field and his designation as head of the Hand and Shoulder division at Max Healthcare, it seems only appropriate to believe in him when he refers to the condition as non- threatening if treated by an efficient and skilled surgeon. He furthers his views on RT Syndrome by saying, “This syndrome affects the muscles not the nerves even though it is an inflammation in the radial nerve and therefore the muscles in the forearm and wrist become weak when affected by this debilitation. People with diabetes, thyroid, any cysts or bone tumors and people involved with strenuous sport activities involving the elbow, arm or wrist are more susceptible to this syndrome as the nerve is more prone to getting pinched or squeezed by these factors. It is relatively easy for us to identify radial tunnel syndrome with just physical examination and the exact location of the injury. Still we do refer to electromyography and nerve conduction studies to validate our diagnosis.”
“We usually wait for three months before going in for surgical release. In severe cases where the wrist becomes very weak or extending the fingers become difficult. The technique by which we release the pressure on the nerve and make the tunnel bigger is known as Radial Tunnel release. It is an outpatient surgery and helps the patient in regaining strength, stability and motor functions in six to eight months.

The patient should consult our medical team >>click here for appointment

FAQ – Radial Tunnel Syndrome

What does Radial Tunnel Syndrome mean?

When Radial Nerve while passing near the elbow gets compressed in a tunnel resulting in a dull aching pain and weakness at the forearm, it is referred to as Radial Tunnel Syndrome.

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