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Rotator Cuff Tears / Injuries

“A muscle torn out just like a cloth tears after its worn off” , is the fundamental concept of Rotator cuff tear as eminently put forward by Dr. Gupta, a renowned name in the field of shoulder and upper extremity for past 25 years. 

Imposing on what rotator cuff tear means Dr. Gupta fervently puts it as, “ an injury to the network of four tendons and muscles that connect the arm bone firmly to the shoulder socket, that are also the key factor in the movement of arm in all directions. As for the segment that is most susceptible to rotator cuff injuries, they are the ageing people and workers or sports person who are involved in heavy overhead work.”

Head, Shoulder and Hand Division, MAX Saket & Gurgaon, former Director of ‘The Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery’ at The Medanta Institute of Bone & Joint Disease, Gurgaon, Dr. Gupta feels, “difficulty in sleeping on the side of shoulder affected because of unbearable pain is the first sign that is indicative of rotator cuff tear. Thereafter the shoulder will not only feel tender on touch but also produce a crackling sound when moved.”

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Being among the first few surgeons in India who have been contributory to bringing international techniques of treatment to India, Dr. Gupta while speaking out on the methods of treatment says, “ Non surgical methods are used by orthopedics to provide relief to the patient but in case of the treatment being ineffective, surgical methods are adopted henceforth. Having performed many arthroscopic surgeries, I can affirmatively conclude that it is one of the most effective techniques of providing relief to the rotator cuff tear. Even mini open surgeries that have evolved as a newer technique, a blend of both arthroscopic surgery and open surgical repair, is being recognized as being an effective technique. We only retort to open surgeries when the damage is too vast to be repaired by other surgical methods.”

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Rotator cuff tears are dangerous enough to finish the career of a player or people who are involved in overhead work with their arms, if not treated with expertise and though they take place over a period of time sometimes an instant traumatic fall can result in it.

Relentless in his pursuance of providing relief to his patients, Dr. Gupta having one of the most skilled hands when it comes to surgeries highlights, “ After treatment it is advisory to not use the shoulder before it heals completely as it might permanently damage your shoulder.”

FAQ – Rotator Cuff Tears / Injuries

What is the meaning of rotator cuff?

There are four tendons and muscles that govern the movement of your shoulder collectively known as rotator cuff. These muscles helps to keep your arm bone(humerus) firmly in your shoulder socket and helps to lift and rotate your arm in all directions.

What is meant by rotator cuff tear?
What are the causes?
What are its symptoms?
How is rotator cuff tear diagnosed?
What are the treatment options available?
When can activities be resumed after surgery?


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