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AC Joint Injury

Acclaimed as one of the most skilled hand and shoulder specialist, Dr. Gupta while presenting his views about AC Joint Injuries seems quite assertive, “I would suggest to seek early medical attention in AC joint injuries and return back to normal activities only when the surgery has been successful in providing a pain free movement.” Mulling over AC injuries, he says, “AC joint is the joint that lies between the collarbone and the tip of the shoulder blade. It comes across as a bony bump and is prone to injury by a direct fall onto the shoulder or direct blow sustained during contact sports. “

An MBBS and MS in Ortho from AIIMS and further studies from Germany and USA, Dr Gupta has diligently been serving patients for over a period of 25 years and has provided relief to innumerable cases with more than 18000 by surgical releases. Slowly rising above the mark as surgeon to specialist, AIIMS, Medanta and Max Healthcare have been his forte for imparting expertise medical treatment.

“A deft specialist will assess AC injury after medical and physical examination still X-ray is advisable for further clinical proof. X-ray brings out the exact severity of the damage to the joint and lays base for treatment technique to be adopted. The AC injuries vary from partial displacement to total damage of the ligaments.”

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“Though AC injuries are treated with non surgical techniques to begin with, which comprises of oral medications and therapy exercises, immobilizing the shoulder by putting it in a sling and rest from strenuous activities, it is the arthroscopic repair or open surgery to stabilize the joint which provides complete relief and mobility of the shoulder.”

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

“I would suggest to be precautious after the surgery in resuming activities and strictly stick to the recommendations prescribed by the surgeon to regain complete mobility.” Winded up Dr. Gupta.

FAQ – AC Joint Injury

What are AC Joint Injuries?

Stretching or tearing of ligaments in the Acromio-clavicular Joint is termed as AC Joint Injury. This can also be referred to as shoulder separations. In simple terms, it is the tearing away of the clavicle from the acromion partially or severely.

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