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Mallet Finger

Mallet finger is a condition that is caused when the extensor tendon sustain injury but at the end joint in the fingers. Suppose you are tucking in a bed-sheet and your fingertip gets bent, you may be trying to catch a ball and it hits your fingertip instead. Before you even realize it, you may have been sustained an injury that is clinically termed as Mallet finger or Baseball finger.” Explains Dr. Gupta fervently.

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Dr. Gupta who has been in the field of upper extremity for 25 years now and performed more than 18000 surgeries asserts, “If mallet finger is not treated effectively it may result in a permanent deformity of the injured fingertip and the patient may never overcome the stiffness in it. Not just this, it is also essential that it is treated effectively else the functional recovery may be partial. Techniques may vary from holding the broken pieces of bones with pins to tendon graft to joint fusion. It is a very common condition that more or less targets the sport players majorly. Sometimes we are approached by children with Mallet finger condition. When children suffer from it we evaluate it with precision and carefully treat the cartilage that is essential for the bone growth so that the fingers of the children do not become deformed or stunted in growth”.
“Intense pain, swelling and numbness in the injured finger digit are the foremost signs of Mallet finger with the most prevalent being the downward droop of the injured fingertip towards the palm and inability to straighten it without help. When patients seek our medical advice we perform a mallet finger test on the patient that is a physical test and then to deduce the severity we run an x-ray on the injured finger.”

The patient should consult our medical team >>click here for appointment

Presently designated as the head of hand and shoulder department at Max Healthcare, Dr. Gupta is acclaimed for his precision in diagnosis and his adoption of treatment technique and winding up his explanations about Mallet finger he says, “Lastly I would just say that patients should not take extreme stress regarding this condition but still be precautious after having been affected by it. It may take a few weeks or months before you may recover your functional movements. The prerequisite though is not removing the splint until recommended by us as it enables healing and supports the injured finger or thumb.

FAQ – Mallet Finger

What is Mallet Finger?

Mallet finger is a condition in which the finger having sustained injury bends at the finger tip towards the palm and does not straighten without help. It is also sometimes referred to as Baseball finger.

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How long does Mallet finger take to heal?
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