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Elbow Fractures

Presently as Head in the ‘Shoulder and Hand Division’, MAX Healthcare Dr. Gupta puts forth eminently, “Fractures in the elbow joint are varied and can occur in any of the three bones that make it up. They indirectly and invariably affect both arm and shoulder movements to a great extent.”
Dr. Gupta, one of the most skilled specialists in the field of upper extremity with more than 25 years of experience and 18000 surgeries in the background ponders for a few moments before saying, “Cautiousness is essential if you fall on an outstretched arm or with high force, have weak bones affected by arthritis or any traumatic injury as these factors are enough to break any bone or multiple bones in your elbow.”

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“Immediate swelling and intense pain in the joint are the first common signs enforce the presence of a possible fracture and deformity in the bone shape with a crackling sound indicates severe and displaced fractures so these are the common signals that you should be alert for and on consulting an orthopedic with very simple diagnostic tests the nature of the fractures is ascertained.”

“The patients in India suffer from lack of knowledge about this relatively new field which has made accessibility to upper extremity complications so easy and specialized,” emphasized Dr. Gupta, “I have been to Germany and USA and have relieved many patients in my career from traumatic and severe fractures by applying international techniques for the first time while I was in AIIMS, Medanta and I feel that the treatment plan is basically formulated on the principle of reducing and then holding the bones together in place. Though it depends on a number of factors such as the location of the fracture, is it a displaced or a non displaced fracture, single or multiple fracture and the requirement of the patient’s physical health to bear the technique is also a major contributor to the decision.”

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

“Seek an efficient surgeon who restores mobility of your elbow with painless technique and helps you with an equally effective after care rehabilitation”, asserts Dr. Gupta winding up his views on elbow fractures.

FAQ – Elbow Fractures

What are elbow fractures?

A break in the humerus (lower part of the arm bone), radius or ulna(upper part of two forearm bones), that comprise the elbow joint , are termed as elbow fractures.

What are the causes of elbow fractures?
What are the signs of elbow fractures?
How are they diagnosed?
How are they treated?
How successful is the treatment?
What happens if the fractures are left untreated?
What are the complications associated with it?
What precautions should be taken after the treatment?
When can normal activities be resumed?


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