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Median Nerve Injury

As a renowned orthopedics for past 25 years and having successfully performed more than 18000 complicated surgeries in the hand and upper extremity region Dr. Gupta considers, “When injury or any traumatic condition to the median nerve at the elbow causes impairment in the arm, elbow or wrist and results in a movement loss, it usually becomes essential to relieve the compressed nerve by either surgery or tendon transfer to stop further debilitation of the nerve.”

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With his experience in Fortis, AIIMS, Medanta and presently placed as the head of hand and shoulder division, Max Healthcare, Dr Gupta is perhaps one of the most efficient orthopedic surgeons in India. Stressing on the causes and prevalent signs he says, “if the median nerve gets damaged the hand becomes prone to dropping the objects easily and not being able to grasp things as the thumb and fingers become weak. There is a burning pain and tingling which makes it difficult for the patient to sleep comfortably at night. As regarding why the median nerve gets compressed I would say previous fracture, injury, traumatic fall, conditions like arthritis, tendonitis can result in Median nerve palsy.”

The patient should immediately consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

Having operated upon many complex tumors, fractures, arthritis, nerve injuries Dr. Gupta emphasizes, “We usually conduct a pen test or Benediction test to confirm the presence of median nerve injury and then with the help of x-ray we conclusively determine the severity of the injury. Conservative techniques are our beginning tools which may be extended to surgical release of the nerve if the patient is not relieved of the enervating pain.”

FAQ – Median Nerve Injury

What does Median Nerve Injury mean?

Partial or complete tear or compression of the Median Nerve at the elbow is referred to as a Median Nerve Injury. In simple terms it is an injury to the nerve above the elbow which causes limitations in hand or wrist mobility.

What is Median Nerve?
What are the causes of Median Nerve injury?
What are its symptoms?
How is it clinically diagnosed?
How is it treated?
What are the rehabilitation prerequisites?


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