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Slap Injury and Repair

Dr. Gupta contemplates about SLAP injury and says, “SLAP injury is an injury caused to the upper end of the labrum by either a fall on the outstretched hand, direct blow to the shoulder, shoulder dislocation or repeated overhead activities of the arm.” Asserting the importance of labrum in functioning of the shoulder, Dr. Gupta reasons that, “Labrum is the ring of cartilage that surrounds the glenoid in which the upper arm bone fits. It stabilizes the shoulder joint and is the point which becomes an attachment port for the bicep tendon and many ligaments arising out of the shoulder.”

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Dr. Gupta needs no introduction in the field of upper extremity as his 25 years of experience and more than 18000 surgeries are enough to mark his credibility. AIIMS, Fortis, Medanta-The Medicity  and at present Max Healthcare have been his forte of delivering selfless service to patients affected by debilitating conditions of upper extremities.

Coming back to SLAP injury he states, “ These injuries result in intense pain and more so after strenuous overhead activities of the arm along with catching and clicking sound while moving the shoulder. I would rather say that mobility of the shoulder also becomes difficult and it is grasped by sudden weakness and instability.”

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

With belief in delivering painless surgical techniques to each patient and being known as a hand and shoulder specialist Dr. Gupta firmly adheres to compassionate rehabilitation for minor patients who are attacked by congenital diseases. He is the most skilled hand in the field with a calm demeanor and ever too smiling ability that instantly puts his patients at ease.

“SLAP injuries are best treated by surgical techniques as they are successful in rejuvenating the mobility of the shoulder to 80% even though we try and begin with non surgical techniques that comprise of medications and therapy exercises. For surgical techniques we use arthroscopic repair as the most prevalent technique.”

Summing up his conclusions on SLAP injury he asserts, “Labrum normally wears down after 40 so sometimes people are affected by labrum tears because of this. Medical alertness is essential for patients after 40 years of age and I would advise patients to seek medical assistance from a skilled specialist for complete healing.”

FAQ – Slap Injury and Repair

What does SLAP injury mean?

An injury to the top portion of the labrum of the shoulder that extends to both front and the back side is termed as SLAP (Superior Labral Anterior to Posterior) injury or tear.

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