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Loose Body Removal

Currently designated as the head of shoulder and hand division at Max Healthcare, Dr. Gupta while talking about loose body removal says, “There are times when multiple and repeated injuries sustained during work or sports cause tissues or parts of bone or cartilage to break away from their position and flow around the joint causing discomfort and pain in its movement and functionality.”

After 25 years in the field of upper extremity and relatively relieving more than thousands of patients of their trauma by surgical releases, Dr. Gupta is unperturbed by any technicality or complexity of the case. He asserts calmly, “Degenerative diseases of the joints such as osteoarthritis, are the most probable cause that make it essential to remove loose body. As regarding how the patient would know when to seek medical advice, the patient should look out for locking and catching while moving the joints. If there is a history of some past injury and the patient feels discomfort, we conduct a thorough examination and with diagnostic tests such as X-ray, MRI or CT scan decide what has to be done further.”

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Even after studying in Germany and USA besides here in India from AIIMS, I always feel that there is still so much to learn and each case be it mild or severe gives me a new unique dimension to work upon. “Coming back to removal of loose body, I personally prefer treating it with Arthroscopy or Arthrotomy as both the techniques are minimally invasive techniques and completely relieve the patient. There are nonsurgical techniques too but they come handy only when we are dealing in very mild cases.”

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FAQ – Loose Body Removal

What does loose body mean?

Loose Body is another term for the tissue in the form of bone or cartilage that gets torn away from its original place and moves around the joint freely like debris, causing pain, swelling and discomfort.

What does loose body removal mean?
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