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Tennis Elbow

“When you have pain in your elbow due to overuse of your arm, forearm or hand muscles or because you have suffered a subtle or sudden injury to the muscle and tendon area around your elbow, it signifies Tennis Elbow”, asserts Dr. Vikas Gupta with his remarkable 25 year old experience and over 18000 surgeries in the hand and upper extremity.

Although tennis elbow commonly affects tennis players, it can also affect other athletes and people who participate in leisure or work activities that require repetitive arm, elbow and wrist movement like painting, knitting, carpentry, typing and many other activities which make you use your elbow or arm repeatedly.

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Dr. Gupta who has successfully treated many patients with Tennis Elbow also heading “Shoulder and Hand Division, MAX Saket & Gurgaon” stresses, “Whenever you feel sudden or persistent pain in your elbow which increases when you shake hands, squeeze objects, straighten or bend your forearm, you should consult a doctor. Since many other conditions can cause pain around the elbow and X-ray usually fails to bring out this condition, it is essential to contact an orthopedic for proper diagnoses and treatment thereafter.” Several factors determine the treatment technique which is inclusive of the patient’s age, any medication that the patient has been taking prior to the problem and the severity of the pain.

The objective is to provide maximum relief in the pain and help the patient to regain his lost movement.

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As being affluent in arthroscopic Tennis Elbow surgeries, Dr Vikas eminently feels, “Mostly simple treatments are enough to bring about relief but if medications and other techniques fail then the surgeon will have to opt for surgery.

Occasionally people with tennis elbow eventually need this treatment. Surgery is estimated to be successful in most of the cases.”

Emphasizing on the rarely known facts, Dr Gupta also points out, “Tennis Elbow usually happens in the arm which you use to carry out your work but it can also happen in your other arm or both arms and has a high ratio of occurrence as it is considered to be a very common problem and the target gender is generally men more than women.

FAQ – Tennis Elbow

What is meant by tennis elbow?

Sometimes when your arm, forearm and hand muscles are excessively used, you might experience some pain on the outside of your elbow. This condition is commonly referred to as Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis.

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