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Nerve Injuries Finger

Nerves are thin fibres that carry sensation and messages from and to the brain from all parts of the body. They are more or less like telephone wires and an injury or damage in the nerves not only harms the sensation of the injured area but also affects the functional movements. Talking about nerves in the fingers let us be clear that there are two dorsal and two volar nerves that run along the ends of the fingers and govern their movement and sensations. Any crush or blow, pressure or stretching may cause a mild or severe tear in those nerves and cause a condition that is clinically referred to as nerve injuries finger”, explains Dr. Gupta calmly.

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There are basically three types of injury to the nerves that can hamper its smooth functioning. The nerve may sustain a minor bruise or cut and stop working for some time but recover as the nerve fibres are intact, the nerve fibres may get damaged with the outer layer remaining intact or lastly where both the outer layer and inner fibre are divided and torn from each other. When such damage incurred affects the fingers to thin at the pulps, become weak and numb or even lose all sensations, the damage to the patient may be permanent unless the potential harm is determined by an efficient hand surgeon. When I went for my fellowship to Germany I was intrigued by the finesse that is required for handling the nerve injuries that are incurred very closely to the bony structures in the fingers. And now even after 25 years of experience, I still take extreme care and perform nerve repairs with deftness”, Dr. Gupta’s passion for his work is visible in his demeanor as he shares his thoughts on the nerve injuries.

The patient should consult our medical team >>click here for appointment

We do not recommend resuming activities very early after the nerve surgery because as explained nerves are fragile and they may fail to heal adequately which would create unnecessary complications for the patients. So I would just say that if you feel any numbness or pain in your fingers with other signs that seem abnormal to you, seek medical attention, have your injury diagnosed and then trust your surgeon on your treatment technique. Do not be careless with any nerve injury in the finger as you might permanently lose sensations in them”, effectively winds up Dr. Vikas about nerve injuries in the fingers and their potential lifetime effects.

FAQ – Nerve Injuries Finger

What does the term ‘nerve injuries finger’ mean?

There are four nerves that are responsible for supplying sensations to the fingers i.e. Digital and volar nerves. They both run in sets of two along each side of the fingers. When damage to these nerves causes numbness, pain and difficulty in the mobility function it is referred to as ‘nerve injury finger’. The nerves are fragile and injuries to them may result in loss of feeling in the area that has been injured.

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