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Elbow Stiffness

“Elbow stiffness can be caused by injury or degenerative or congenital disease in and around the joint. It might also be a result of a post surgical trauma”, emphasizes Dr. Gupta, one of the most skilled hands in the hand and upper extremity field. “The only way that elbow stiffness can be ascertained is the limitation that the elbow faces while moving and the forearm while rotating. Practically speaking the elbow should not be immobilized for a very long period of time as it greatly contributes to elbow stiffness.” Dr. Gupta asserts calmly with his more than 20 years of experience giving him that deftness that requires no explanation.

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Having completed his MBBS and MS in Ortho from AIIMS and his selfless service in AIIMS, Fortis, The Medanta Medicity and at present Max Healthcare Dr. Gupta has been nominated for and received various prestigious awards for being the first surgeon to introduce revolutionary international techniques to Indian medication field.
“Coming back to elbow stiffness, I would like to reemphasize that generally conservative techniques work well with it accompanied by physiotherapy and splinting and it is only failure of these techniques that require arthroscopic release or open surgery depending on the traumatic condition of the elbow joint.”

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

Having done in depth studies in the upper extremity field from Germany and USA, Dr. Gupta is never perturbed by the complexity or simplicity of the physical condition of the patient and with compassion and proficiency handles each case with intelligent evaluation and implementation of remedial measures.
“As regards elbow stiffness I would definitely like to assert that to prevent your elbow from becoming stiff you have to indulge in the expertise of an efficient surgeon who leaves no scope for any carelessness and also seek medical treatment as soon as any debilitating condition or disease affects your elbow joint.”

FAQ – Elbow Stiffness

What does elbow stiffness mean?

When after an injury or any surgical procedure having been performed on the elbow, the elbow becomes stiff i.e. restricted to move, the condition is referred to as elbow stiffness.

Why does the elbow becomes stiff?
What are the symptoms of elbow stiffness?
How is it diagnosed?
How can elbow stiffness be prevented?
Can it be left untreated?
How is it treated?
Are there any complications in the treatment?
What precautions should be taken after the surgery?
When can normal activities be resumed?


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