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Elbow Arthroscopy

When there is persistent pain and swelling in your elbow which does not get relieved after oral medication and physiotherapy given by the doctor, it becomes essential for the doctor to look inside your elbow joint and determine the cause of the problem and the treatment to be given thereof. The doctor may refer to a CT scan or MRI of the elbow and then perform arthroscopy to treat the problem.

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Some of the common diagnoses which may need arthroscopy include:

  • Adhesions (soft tissue bands that block motion as a result of a previous injury to the elbow, such as a fracture)
  • Contractures (a condition in which the muscle and tendons are abnormally contracted, thereby limiting range of motion)
  • Loose bodies (fragments of bone or cartilage that break loose causing pain, catching and locking of the joint)
  • Arthritis (a disease that involves pain in the joints)

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This keyhole surgery also known as Elbow arthroscopy is a procedure which is used by an orthopedic to examine, diagnose and treat pain, stiffness and loss of movement in the elbow joint.

The surgeon will use a very small camera which will be inserted inside the elbow joint by making about two to four small cuts around the joint. The doctor will then examine the problems in the joint and determine whether they need to be treated. If the problem needs arthroscopy, the surgeon will perform a minor operation on the joint from the other cuts.

To watch elbow arthroscopy being performed by Dr. Vikas Gupta 

Arthroscopy will be done by the doctor after giving you either general or regional anesthesia which will make the operation painless for you. After the surgery your elbow will get put in a soft bandage or splint. The surgeon will also have you work with a physical therapist to regain motion and strength of the joint after the surgery.

Like any other operation elbow arthroscopy might also have complications but with complete guidance and medication by the doctor, recovery in arthroscopy is much faster.

FAQ – Elbow Arthroscopy

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a procedure, technique that is used in the field of orthopedics to view the damage inside a joint, diagnose and then repair it.

What is Elbow Arthroscopy?
When is this procedure recommended?
What are the preparatory requirements before Arthroscopy?
How is the surgery performed?
What precautions should be taken after arthroscopy?
What is the recovery probability after arthroscopy?


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