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Wrist Injury

With shoulder and hand division at Max Healthcare, as the present forte of deliverance of treatment, Dr. Gupta calmly states that, “Wrist is a complex structure which is made of bones, ligaments and muscles. There are two bones radius and ulna which join the wrist to the forearm and eight carpal bones in the wrist that govern its functionality and acts as a support system. It is relatively easy to sustain an injury in the wrist by a mere fall or playing sports which result in sprains, fractures or torn ligaments.”

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“Swelling, pain, tenderness, deformity and limited movement enforce the presence of injury to the wrist and it is essential that medical attention be sought if the debilitating signs do not subside within 24 hours. It is essential that wrist injury be properly diagnosed and treated effectively to avoid long term stiffness and persistent backdrop pain in it”, explains Dr. Gupta.
25 years of experience at AIIMS, The Medanta Medicity and more than 18000 surgeries are enough to mark his credentials. He believes in Restore-Rejuvenate principle and has been awarded numerous times as the introducer of international painless techniques in the field of upper extremity.

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

“Wrist injuries are often wrongly interpreted as one condition is subtly related to another. Once they are diagnosed, the treatment depends on their severity and nature. The surgeon undertakes the best suitable technique. Mild sprains are splinted and severe tears or fractures are taken up by surgical release. Though rehabilitation and recovery in strength and mobility is a long process of patience and regular checkups with prescribed precautions”, winds up Dr. Gupta.

FAQ – Wrist Injury

What exactly does the term wrist injury signifies?

The wrist comprises of two forearm bones i.e. the radius and the ulna and eight carpal bones. When sprain, break in one or multiple carpal bones/ forearm bones or a tear in ligaments causes pain in the wrist region, it is referred to as wrist injury.

How does sprain result in wrist injury?
What are the causes of wrist injury?
What are its symptoms?
When should the patient seek medical advice?
How is it diagnosed?
What are the treatment options?
How can the wrist injury be treated immediately at home before seeking medical advice?
How can it be prevented?


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