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Elbow Replacement

“The term replacement is often correlated to knee and hip rather than this relatively less common and new replacement joint. This is performed on a patient when despite application of all treatment options the pain and mobility has neither reduced nor restored.” Says Dr. Gupta, one of the best surgeons/ specialists in the hand and upper extremity field. “The elbow joint deteriorates when it might be affected by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fracture in the joint or malignancy in an around the joint.”

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After being in this field for past 20 years with AIIMS, Fortis, The Medanta Medicity and at present Max Healthcare as forte of diligent and selfless service to patients of upper extremity, Dr. Gupta has one of the most experienced and astute diagnosis regarding not only the medical condition of his patients but also their mental apprehensions.
Handling each case with compassion yet deftness and skill he asserts, “Elbow replacement is a complicated procedure where the damaged part of the elbow joint is replaced with an artificial part called prosthetics made of metal and plastic.”

The patient should consult our medical team >> click here for appointment

“Though there are complications that can affect the patient after the surgery yet the success ratio of the replacement rejuvenating the joint is much higher but only if it is undertaken by very proficient hands. It is my personal opinion after having given way to more than thousands of surgeries that conditions do not differ from patients to patients, it is the hand that treats and reshapes their damaged parts, is what actually makes a difference in their healing.”

FAQ – Elbow Replacement

What is meant by elbow replacement?

Elbow replacement is the procedure of removing the damaged elbow joint and replacing it with artificial joint parts called prosthetics. The artificial elbow joint is made up of a metal and a plastic hinge with two metal stems.

What does elbow joint mean?
Why is elbow replacement done?
What are the risks involved with this procedure?
What are the before and after surgery precautions that should be followed?
How is the surgery performed?
How many types of elbow replacements are there?


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