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Clavicle Fractures

“Clavicle fractures, also referred to as broken collarbone are the most common fractures that occur in people of all ages with the mechanism of injury usually being a fall on the arm or the shoulder while playing sports or an accidental collision”, emphasizes Dr. Gupta who has been in the field for more than 25 years and performed more than 18000 successful surgeries.
“With x-ray and CT scan being our tools for diagnosis and checking out for swelling in the collarbone or intense pain while moving the arm with a deformed and kind of sagged shoulder, we conclusively reach to a decision regarding the methodology of our treatment and its effective implementation thereof” is asserted by Dr. Gupta who is at present holding forte at Max Healthcare as the head of the Shoulder and Hand Division.

“I would say that collarbone fractures constitute almost 5 to 10% of the fractures that occur in our body thus are not uncommon but young men below 25 involved in contact sports, men aged more than 55 and women more than 75 are likely to be traumatized by these fractures more” , says this extremely skilled surgeon or rather specialist of upper extremity, perhaps the best in his field.
In terms of Dr. Gupta, known for introducing newest and international techniques in India, “Clavicle fractures take time to heal and can be treated by both nonsurgical and surgical techniques effectively. Non displaced fractures are treated by putting the arm in a sling and oral medical prescriptions with gentle therapy exercises whereas we usually undertake surgical techniques for displaced and severely broken collarbone. Though metal hardware such as pins, plates and screws may cause irritation later, they are the best tools for fixing the two end of broken bones.”

“Definitely the outcome is successful and the person with broken clavicle becomes fit enough to resume normal activities regarding work and functionality within months”, assures Dr. Gupta.

FAQ – Clavicle Fractures

What are clavicle fractures?

A broken collarbone is termed as clavicle fracture. The bone usually breaks in the middle or at the end where it is attached to the ribcage or shoulder blade.

What is a clavicle ?
What are the causes of clavicle fractures?
What are its symptoms?
How are they diagnosed?
How are they treated?
What are the probable complications that can arise after treatment?
What are the chances of resuming normal activities?


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